In the News: The Triangle

Have you had a chance to visit the “new” Triangle in Costa Mesa? There’s now a great new collection of restaurants and destinations: Saddle Ranch, El Corazon, Olive Branch/Black Knight plus some popular standards – Sutra and Yard House. See what Greenlaw Partners has done to redefine entertainment for Costa Mesa – BTW – A new very cool bowling tavern is next on the list to open!

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Local Beauty

The beauty of San Gorgonio

The beauty of San Gorgonio

I am continually amazed at the beauty of Southern California. From the coastlines to the mountains – it’s a great playground to have in your backyard. If you haven’t taken the time to hike a few of our great local spots – try something out soon. On July 4 I spent the day hiking Mt. San Gorgonio. It’s a breathtaking climb. And there is nothing better than a little lunch at the top. Go out and hike something local!

Challenge Yourself!

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most interesting places. For me it was a Citi Bank commercial. You know the one – the girl, buys shoes, rope, and stands on top of the spire – which I discovered was Ancient Art in Moab, Utah. Now I love rock climbing – especially in Joshua Tree (in the County of San Bernardino!) But taking on the challenge of researching, then training to climb Ancient Art was a great test. And the success of standing at the top of the spire on June 23 was amazing! The best part? I’m  inspired to push myself even farther: Next up – Castleton and possibly Mt Whitney rock climbs.

On top of Ancient Art in Moab, Utah.

On top of Ancient Art in Moab, Utah.

Taking a break on the rocks